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On to the third set of wires

March 21, 2017

Third wire - braces adjustment

On to the third set of wires today! The time is going by fast. One of my canine teeth (upper right) was in “cross-bite”, basically, it was behind the lower tooth instead of where it belonged out front. Now, as you can see in the photo that tooth is on the outside where is should be. That tooth moved dramatically in only 6 months! As always, Dr. Freedman and his amazing staff did a great job taking care of me today!

Life with braces, not so bad.

January, 2017

Life with braces

Thankfully, I have learned to talk around the braces. Eating was a challenge for the first month, but cutting my food in small pieces helped a lot!

I am getting an upgrade in wires today. The picture shows after the first set of wires was removed, I can see a change already! They gave me the opportunity to floss, which felt really good to do without wires. The new set of wires is slightly larger. I have been able to feel the teeth moving into the correct position, somedays my bite is completely different feeling from the day before. Let me say again, this has not been painful, just uncomfortable once in a while.


October 25, 2016


Well, today was the day. My journey with braces has begun.

Dr. Freedman and the ladies in his office are so nice, caring and professional!  I was prepared for a painful experience, after all that was what I heard. I am happy to say that it was not painful, maybe just a bit uncomfortable now and then, even awkward once or twice, but not painful. However, I am having trouble talking!

Composite Fillings

October 2016

Dental Damper

So, as I said, I am all in. One of the amalgam fillings on my upper left was rather old and needed to be replaced. I am glad Dr. Wieland chose to do that, because underneath was more decay, which happens often. Now all my fillings are composite, no more amalgam from my teen years! Ready for my appointment with Dr. Freedman.

Whitening Trays

September 2016

Whitening Trays

Angela completed the whitening trays for me, now begins the processes of getting a good color. I am not going for super white, there are several crowns in the back of my mouth, but the natural teeth have colored with aged, so I am wanting to get everything the same shade of pearly white.

Angela makes a good first impression

September 2016

Bite Impression

If the bridge is going to be replaced with an implant, Dr. Wieland needs to determine if the bone structure can support the implant. This is done by taking a cone beam image of the area. Yes! The bone structure is good and we can plan for an implant.

Angela makes a good first impression. Haahaa, old joke, but true. She made an impression of my upper and lower bite. She will be making trays for whitening. I want my teeth to be in good shape and color before the braces.

I've made a decision. I want a new smile!

September 2016


I’ve made a decision. I want a new smile.
The bridge on the top, in the very front of my smile is 30 years old and it is time to replace that old gold bridge with a new implant.
That choice, led to a conversation with Dr. Wieland.  After taking a series of x-rays, it has been concluded that I need braces to move other teeth into the proper location.
To be very honest, that seems like big commitment.
I’ve considered this for a few weeks and have come to the conclusion; why go half way and just replace the bridge?
I am all in.