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Canby Smiles: Dental excellence from friends who care


Excellence in family dentistry is the hallmark of Canby Smiles. 

Dr. Joshua Wieland and his team of professionals are truly committed to ensuring your dental needs are met with superb care and excellent results. Dr. Wieland has established himself as a doctor who puts as much care into the simplest filling, as he does into cosmetic, implant and sedation dental treatments he routinely delivers. No matter the treatment, you can trust Dr. Wieland and the Team at Canby Smiles are committed to meeting your dental needs with excellence you trust and tell others about.  Because of advanced post graduate dental training, Dr. Wieland is able to provide most dental treatments for maintaining a healthy and functional dentition.  The list of services provided does not include all treatment provided or possibilities for all clinical situations.

Dentistry for the Entire Family

Children and adults come to the dentist for different reasons and Canby Smiles understands they each have different needs and priorities. Children want kindness, respect and comfort, while adults are interested in the very finest care with up-to-date technology, the best doctor and a staff that makes everyone feel at home.  Given these needs, the team at Canby Smiles, specialize in meeting the needs of both kids and adults, ensuring each person’s experience in the practice exceeds expectations.


Preventive Dentistry

The fight against tooth decay and tooth loss has numerous tools to alter these events.  These tools include sealants, sports guards, night guards, regular professional cleanings from one of our hygienists, silver nitrate and patient/parent education.


Sealants and Fluoride Treatments

Where Prevention Shines!

Cavities, or what we more commonly call “tooth decay”, pose a real challenge for kids and adults. More serious and painful dental concerns will happen if these conditions are left untreated.  Often patients are concerned about the expense to get these conditions taken care of, but left undone the eventual outcome is even more costly to correct and more time consuming. The factors behind tooth decay are numerous, and the ways to prevent it are numerous also. Sealants and fluoride treatments are the first tool to help prevent tooth decay. Dr. Wieland places special emphasis on sealants, which are for the biting areas of chewing teeth are very effective in preventing tooth decay. A clear, white or tooth colored plastic “coating” placed on the grooves and deep pits of chewing teeth, sealants fill the surfaces where decay most likely occurs. One great thing about them is sealants require no special tools or time, no anesthetic and no recovery time.  They are applied to the teeth, and go to work right away.   Some of the most important preventive services we provide are for sealants and fluoride.


Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry ensures a relaxing and enjoyable experience at the dentist.  Unfortunately, anxiety over visiting the dentist keeps millions of patients each year from receiving the dental care they need.  Dr. Wieland is certified in sedation dentistry and has over 1,000 hours of care of sedated patients.  Whether you, or a loved one, have experienced anxiety, or have special needs, sensitive teeth, a strong gag reflex, a low pain threshold, or need a large amount of treatment done all at once – Canby Smiles is the place to come to receive the care you hoped was out there, but didn't know where to find.

The choices for sedation are as mild as Nitrous Oxide (or laughing gas), which many patients use and has few side effects while recovery time is minimal; to oral sedation through a prescription medicine that is administered prior to the procedure to create a sense of peace and calm; to IV sedation administered by a licensed anesthesiologist which is suited for patients with high anxiety because it acts immediately and the patient is unconscious during the entire procedure.  IV sedation can also be very helpful for autistic patients, patients with dementia or some other handicap that makes receiving dental care a challenge.  Dr. Wieland specializes in this type of treatment, and feels it an honor to help patients finally get the care they need with no fear involved. Click here to visit NW Sedation Dentistry and learn more about sedation dentistry.


Silver Nitrate

In certain situations, the best treatment for caries is simply to stop their progression rather than restoring the damage.  Silver Nitrate has been shown to arrest tooth decay.  The same medicine used in the ointment to disinfect the newborn baby’s eyes, in the mouth the application of silver nitrate kills the acid creating bacteria.  The silver nitrate usually requires several applications and often turns the color of the cavity black.


A Healthy You Starts with Healthy Gums

Diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and even low birth weights have all been linked to – believe it or not -- gum disease. Dr. Wieland and his dental hygiene team utilize the latest research to recommend and follow the best treatment protocols known to attack the gum disease processes.  They will carefully check and measure your gum tissues during your initial exam, as well as during your follow up continuing care exams to monitor gum health and any changes that have taken place. They will then tailor a unique plan, individualized to ensure your optimal gum health balancing your efforts at home, your body’s abilities to fight gum infection and the professional treatments available. The hygienists at Canby Smiles are fully licensed and trained professionals who will implement a care plan designed to supplement your efforts at-home, while also working on your teeth and gums to eliminate plaque, tartar and bacteria that cause gum disease (gingivitis and periodontitis), tooth decay and also bone loss under the gums.


Surgery for the Gums

When gum disease has become severe, frequently the best way to reverse this destructive process is surgery. There are also other gum surgeries that can be performed for cosmetic reasons or to surgically put in place the tissues needed to protect teeth from early loss, loss of bone or sensitivities. During your comprehensive exam, as well as regular continuing care exams, Dr. Wieland and his hygienists will evaluate and monitor gum health and advice of any special measures they recommend to impact gum health. Often, these procedures can be completed at Canby Smiles.


Teeth Whitening

A Reason to Feel like Wow!

Canby Smiles uses the latest techniques to give patients a whiter, brighter smile. A safe and effective technology to give that whiter smile in one appointment is Power whitening. Patients love the quick results this provides and the noticeable enhancement of their smile. In addition to just wanting a whiter, brighter smile, teeth whitening products are also used to help with the yellowing in teeth that comes due to aging, as well as erasing stains from cigarettes, coffee and tobacco. State of the art, at home, bleaching kits are also used by Canby Smiles that require very little at home time to accomplish the beautiful smile you have always wanted.  Our team members love to share with patients the excitement they feel for this great smile enhancer.


Root Canal Therapy

Yes, that Tooth Can Be Saved!

Teeth that have been damaged by fractures or tooth decay can often be saved by a wonderful, modern procedure called a root canal. The very name sounds intimidating, but with modern anesthetic and dental techniques there is no discomfort. Each tooth contains a long, thin strand of material that provides nutrients to the tooth called “dental pulp” that extends all the way down into the tooth’s root. Because of infection or injury, though, if the pulp becomes impacted the nerves of the tooth will die. Then a root canal will need to be performed, or the tooth will need to be removed. During a root canal therapy, a small gap is drilled into the tooth’s crown (top) and into the pulp chamber, the diseased pulp is then removed and the area is filled with materials that prevent infection from returning. Because these teeth are then brittle and can easily split, a permanent crown made of gold, porcelain, or zirconium is placed on top of the treated tooth. Dr. Wieland can perform most root canals and is thrilled when he can get a patient out of pain and back to life through this therapy.


Extracting Wisdom Teeth and other Teeth

Wisdom teeth, also called third molars, very often do not have the space needed to come into our “modern” evolved mouths. Two things happen when wisdom teeth are allowed to emerge.  First, when they come in partially there is a risk for a life-threatening infection. Second, wisdom teeth emergence can cause a lot of damage to the molar teeth in front of them by causing decay, loss of bone or contributing to gum problems. Further, when these molars remain impacted, cysts can develop or cause other problems in the jaw bone.

When Dr. Wieland provides a comprehensive exam, he will check for the wisdom teeth and evaluate the next steps to prevent any of these concerns from happening. The great news is, the clear majority of wisdom teeth can be removed at Canby Smiles with the use of local anesthetics combined with an optional secondary means of sedation: nitrous oxide gas, oral medications or IV sedation. Advanced training has been received by Dr. Wieland to safely and efficiently provide this procedure. He is also able to provide other oral surgery needs from bone grafting to surgical extractions and sinus bone grafts.


Dental Implants

A revolution in dental care!

When a tooth is lost, or missing, dental implants are a safe, modern, advanced method for replacement. Implants act like a bionic root made of titanium that are anchored securely into a patient’s jaw bone, just like real tooth roots. The implant then creates a platform over which a dental crown can be placed, a denture can be anchored, or all of the teeth can be replaced with a bridge. For patients who wear dentures, these can by a truly amazing means to provide stability and comfort, while preserving underlying jaw bone health and surface. Because of their strength and function, implants restore a patient’s confidence, ease for smiling, chewing, coughing, or any other functions of the mouth that are compromised by loose or missing teeth. Once an implant is placed and the bone around it has healed, a new tooth made of durable, ultra-hard materials is placed over the top of the implant. These teeth are finely crafted and they look like real teeth in appearance, color and function. Talk to Dr. Wieland about this option if you, or a loved one, have missing teeth, or wear a denture. You’ll be glad you did!


Dentures and Partial Dentures

Dentures have come a long way since our grandparent’s day, and Canby Smiles works with some of the very best technicians in the Pacific Northwest to ensure patients who wear dentures have the best care possible. Dr. Wieland works to ensure dentures are fabricated in a way they look life-like and fit well to a patient’s jaw.   Denture repairs are often handled the very same day they are brought to the practice. Over time, dentures often become loose as the supporting jaw structure changes. Helping the denture fit properly again is a specialty of Dr. Wieland in a simple, one-day procedure to restore chewing power and confidence.  While it is always the goal to keep natural teeth for a lifetime, Canby Smiles is prepared to help patients who have dentures live life with teeth that are functional, beautiful and comfortable.


Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and Bridges are a modern, effective and beautiful way to address one of the most common dental needs: broken, worn or cracked teeth. In our grandparent’s day, when teeth were broken or worn it was time to pull them out. Today, Canby Smiles can repair those same teeth, avoiding any need for extraction, while preserving the ability to eat without pain, smile with confidence, and keep a tooth healthy. In two short visits your teeth can be transformed to be straight with their proper shape and contour and as white as you would like them. New materials also allow these crowns to be life-like with a transparency that is stunning. Unlike old crowns, these restorations do not have any dark shadows along the gum lines so being self-conscious when you smile for a picture is a thing of the past.

Similar in their design to crowns, bridges can be used when a tooth is missing, and a dental implant is not an option. Borrowing from the strength of the two neighboring teeth, a dental bridge allows for a missing tooth to be replaced by a beautiful, life-like crown that is attached to dental crowns placed on the teeth to either side of it…just like a bridge spans a waterway. This then allows a patient to restore their chewing ability and preserve their dental occlusion.



Veneers, like crowns, cover over existing tooth surfaces, but unlike crowns, veneers are designed to enhance, rather than protect, a tooth.   They are made of durable, life-like porcelain that has a luster and vibrancy designed to make a person’s smile shine with perfect confidence. Veneers may be as thin as 0.3mm, but can have an instantaneous impact on a tooth which is broken, dark and too short or has gaps. Like crowns, veneers usually only take two visits but in that short time, the smile of a lifetime is created!


Bonding Restorations

Mercury fillings have all but been replaced by state of the art chemistry creating white fillings that are safe, durable, and beautiful. These bonding materials allow a composite white filling to be adhered to the natural tooth by a chemical process. Super durable materials are used for these procedures, and while bonding is susceptible to the normal wear and tear in a mouth caused by chewing and the temperature changes our mouth experiences, they can last a long time. An additional benefit is bonding helps return teeth to their natural shape after the removal of tooth decay, can also help worn teeth gain more of their ideal shape, and can also be used to alter the shape of a tooth to match the teeth around it. When teeth do not require the strength and durability of a crown, bonding is our preferred method in most circumstances for restoring teeth.


State of the Art Sterilization

Center for Disease Control guidelines are used at Canby Smiles to ensure hand pieces and instruments are sterilized to prevent any form of contaminant from spreading. In addition, the clinical team at Canby Smiles uses modern protective equipment including gloves, masks, eye protection and barrier covers always. Nothing comes ahead of patient safety at Canby Smiles. It is our number one priority.


Mercury Free Dentistry

Mercury has proven to be a significant health issue under the wrong conditions. As such, Canby Smiles scavenges all water leaving the facility to ensure no mercury ends up in any waterways. In addition, our preferred filling material is the composite bonding materials instead of metal fillings which contain mercury.